Saturday, 3 September 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Went on a bit of scavenger hunt this weekend and found lots of goodies.  

Check out these lovely old tea tins.  I particularly like the one on the right as it's already quite distressed.  The lid is white and I think I will use it to frame one of the people from the side of the tin.

The little picture frames are a dark pewter colour - they are metal, probably cast.  Found these and the Port Douglas souvenir spoon at Vinnies.  The dark orangy red beads in shadow at the bottom are polished stone.

Some hardware supplies - love wondering around hardware stores although my eclectic selections often result in strange looks from the staff at the checkout.

Then I found the MOTHER-LOAD.  A stall at a local Sunday market was selling old and broken watch parts  - $10 for as many as you could fit in one hand (shame my hands aren't bigger).  Also bought this beautiful old cake tin (there's no way I'm cutting this one up, it's way too pretty).

Of course all these things then resulted in major panic because I had no where to put any of them. Three hours and major re-organisation later ...

Dada ... clean work bench.

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