Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lucets and other things ...

When I'm in the middle of a day-job project it seems to consume my ability to write anything other than whatever it is I'm working on, hence the lack of posts recently.  The project also meant I haven't made as much jewelry as I usually do although I am pleased with what I have found time to create.  Thanks by the way for all your lovely comments from my last post, I am so sorry to have been so tardy in  responding.

I'm still very enamoured with the sari silk and recently bought a lucet - a two pronged fork which creates a square braid which is strong but quite flexible.  There are tons of YouTube videos on how to do it, the technique dates back to Viking times apparently.

I've just listed the hamsa necklace but the one above with the salt cellar has already sold.  I thought I'd try a bracelet as well:

These are quite quick to make as the braid works up rapidly on the lucet.  One of the advantages is that unlike macrame or kumihimo you can work straight off the skein or spool 'til you get the length you want, so there's no pre-measuring involved. Great for lazy people like me!!

Also had a bit of a run on bangles in the shop so I made these over the weekend:

In between we've been preparing for Christmas.  I decided this year to have a real tree with, other than lights, only hand made ornaments. My daughter and I made a bunch of pom poms and my husband found a little pine tree.  Not sure its going to make it through to Christmas though, its looking a bit sad.   I tried to take a photo for the blog but it's in a dark spot in the house and just looks like a blur.  Now the children are a bit older December is a bit more relaxed, much less rushing around.  School has finished up for the year so I'm looking forward to spending some time with them both.  The fact that it's summer here helps as well.