Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Playing with clay

This week I've been playing with polymer clay.  I've wanted to try this medium for a while now (bought the pasta machine and toaster oven ages ago).  I made a piece last week for geek e chic which I was happy with, but this week it's a different story. I've been through packets of the stuff and most results have ended up in the bin.  

This is the only piece I'm happy with - I love the way the vintage tin patterns work together with the beads. It's super colourful which is quite unusual for me.  

I made my first etsy sale (yay) also this week.  I have sold pieces before, but a first shop sale is very exciting and incredibly nerve wracking.  The buyer made some lovely comments but I'm biting my nails waiting for her feedback once she gets the actual piece in her hands.  I can't believe how stressful this is!!!   All the things that could go wrong - it could get lost in the mail ... crushed ...etc ... etc.  

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