Sunday, 11 September 2011

Makers Block!

I haven't posted anything (here or on etsy) for a few days. I've been  wondering why I have succumbed to 'makers block'   - perhaps it's a case of being too busy elsewhere (doesn't usually stop me) but I think it's a case of P.E (Post Etsy) syndrome.  

Before I started my etsy shop I made stuff when I felt like it and, even though jewellery is still not my day job, I think the self-imposed pressure of making, photographing, describing, posting (and blogging) put a dint in my creative spirit.  Rather than being an 'outlet' it became a chore.  So, I took a few days off and reminded myself that, unlike most everything else in my life, when it comes to quisnam, I call the shots and it's supposed to be fun!

With this in mind I made a couple of things.  First a present for my niece's birthday.   

The charms include a polymer clay bell and resin filled bezels with photographs of my father and mother (my niece's grand mother and grand father).  My mother is very much alive but my father died a few years ago. This is a way of keeping his memory alive for his grand children who were very young when he died.   I hope she doesn't think it's too creepy!!

I rediscovered the fun of making jewellery with this piece.  I was going to keep it for myself to remind me not to get too serious, but I decided to list it.

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