Sunday, 14 August 2011

A New Space

My jewelry making has found a home at last.  I have taken over the fire room ie. the space used to house our wood fire.  Great in winter, but a little bit dusty and I have to share with damp clothes drying on the clothes horse.

Here's a bit of tin which has been patinated (I do love rub'n buff) awaiting transformation.  Not quite sure what it will turn into.

Here's all my bits.  I have developed an obsession with old tins as storage.  You have to unstack and open them to find out what's inside, so not so pracitcal, but I love the different colours and patterns.

I've just added my first four items to my new etsy shop.  I've discovered that I find taking the photos and writing the descriptions a bit of a chore.  I guess it's a learning curve.    I will try and find out how to link this blog to my shop.  Can't be that hard.

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