Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Steampunk and Sun

The weather has been absolutely beautiful for the past few days - such a change and, hopefully, a harbinger of spring which is only a couple of weeks away (thank god).

On the down-side, sunny weather means that our dogs decide my studio (and in particular my chair) belongs to them:

A little over a year ago I helped found a social enterprise for Lifeline Gippsland.  Geek e Chic is sustainable jewelry made by volunteers from old and unwanted computer parts and other salvaged and donated materials (broken jewelry, textiles etc). The enterprise formally launched in June this year and pieces are on-sale in a few outlets around Gippsland.  I aim to make and donate at least a couple of pieces a week for Geek e Chic. All proceeds from the sale of the jewelry support Lifeline's counselling and suicide prevention services.  Because the salvaged  materials we get are quite industrial they do led themselves to a 'steampunk' look.  I love steampunk, but think its gotten a bit overdone and so have been reluctant to use this theme.  However, the pieces I made this week for Geek e Chic just naturally took on a steampunk vibe.  The pendant uses polymer clay for the disc focal - it's the first time I have used this medium and I must say I loved it.  I used a rust base and oxidising patina to give it an aged look.

The bracelet is made from an old hose clap which I have wrapped with bits and pieces.  I wore it for a day just to make sure it didn't irritate my skin.

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