Sunday, 29 January 2012

In the interest of ...

It's been stifling hot here over the last few days.  Whilst the bright bright sun may have been replaced by dark rain clouds accompanied by distant rolling thunder (which I love) the mugginess is yet to clear.  It's been so hot in the house that I haven't dared to leave the computer on for more than a few minutes and have reserved my online activity to late night iPad sessions when its cooler.

I was in Melbourne last week and managed to pick up this fabulous book. 

This is not a new-agey book but rather a proper look at the use and meaning of talismans across cultures and time. I highly recommend it - not least because of the fabulous photographs.  In the interest of honesty and putting my cards on the proverbial table I think I should advise (and I know that this wont be popular with some) that I am not a believer in the supernatural or in the mystical power of certain objects (basically I am a skeptic).  I do however believe that one of the things that makes us human is our ability to tell stories, to weave a narrative around an event or an object. This capacity to ascribe meaning can turn an ordinary object into something quite extraordinary and powerful - a cultural transmitter. Does this make any sense?  I hope I haven't alienated anyone.

I also managed to pick up some great destash from our local town market this weekend:

Given the heat I haven't really felt like creating.  I do have a couple of things half finished.  I'm also planning to rework this necklace:

Sorry about the photo - its so dark in the house I had to use a flash.  I was thinking it might make a nice bracelet.  I can remove the bead necklace and replace with some hand forged links.  I'll give it a go.

'til next time.


  1. I'll send you some cold, if you send me some warm...
    The amulet book looks interesting - I will have to see if I can find it here.

    1. I am really enjoying the book and, thinking about your lovely work, I believe you'd like it. The photographs are inspiring and have given me lots of ideas. I bought some wonderful tribal ancient glass beads (they are a bit like little black sticks with splashes of colour - very unusual) from etsy which lend themselves to something 'amulet_y'.

  2. *sigh* - miss the interesting op shops in Melbourne - mind you it's been 30 years since we literally, sailed north.
    And beware wishing for thunderstorms, that tropical low may end up in your lap. We are flooded in

  3. I do miss the Melbourne Salvos and Vinnie's although we are quite well off for op shops here so I shouldn't complain too much. Gosh, there has been some terrible flooding recently - the weather has been rather cataclysmic over the last few years for us in Australia hasn't it. We were caught up in the 2009 bush-fires (thankfully family and house OK) but it was incredibly scary. Hope the waters around you have subsided.