Monday, 13 February 2012

Slightly obsessed

Well, I've finished Sheila Paine's book on amulets and talismans which has led to me becoming ever so slightly obsessed.  Regardless of whether or not you believe in the power of these objects to perform the tasks they claim to - and as I said in my previous post I'm a skeptic - amulets and talismans are fascinating from an anthropological perspective.   The rich stories that accompany them have a great deal to tell us about the situation of the people who created them - their hopes, fears, beliefs and the threats they face in their everyday lives both real and  imagined. They are also, many of them,  incredibly beautiful.  

I noticed that triangles are a common amuletic motif and, for my latest piece I have borrowed from this tradition.   I have a beautiful old Persian salt bag - along it's side runs an eclectic fringe of plastic and metal buttons, keys, tassels and pom poms.  This inspired me to similarly embellish a piece of salvaged kilim.  Whilst I don't think I could hope to capture the raw beauty of some of the talismans on display in Sheila Paine's book I am rather pleased with the result.

I'm really looking forward to receiving Melinda's package of materials (she has made some lovely things with the bits and pieces I sent her - check out her gorgeous etsy shop at and her blog at  I know Melinda's worried that the package hasn't arrived yet but I am sure it will get here eventually (it's probably been delayed in customs) and it's rather nice having something to look forward to.

'til next time.


  1. I can see them in the customs office right now...
    "What the...? Why on EARTH would anybody send this half way around the world!?!" Kidding aside, I am quite concerned. If it doesn't show up by the end of the week, I'm sending another one.

  2. I'm just nuts about textiles in jewellery and I love the depth of colour and richness of textures you've captured in this necklace. Many thanks for the blog award, blushes, I'm a bit useless at this social networking lark but I will give it my best shot.