Monday, 21 May 2012

Killer possums ...

Okay, killer might be a little bit of exaggeration, well its a lot of an exaggeration, but this little feller has been terrorizing us for a while now.  It goes like this - we're in bed, warm and cozy, drifting off to sleep when - BANG, CRASH THUMP goes the possum across the roof.    You would think that something that's roughly cat sized wouldn't make so much noise. But, on a tin roof, it's horrendous. Enough to send the dog into a frenzy and to wake the children (and I mean those down the road not just ours).    We snapped this photo (doesn't he look sweet - well let me tell you he's not, he's a bastard) the other night when he decided to climb up on our window and sit there looking at us for a little while before climbing into the tree to torment the dog some more from his vantage point.  Now, I can't let the dog out at night unsupervised because all she wants to do is hunt possums and, much as I'm over the whole late night roof walking thing, I don't actually want it to be eaten by an over enthusiastic staffy!!

It's been a busy couple of weeks jewelry wise. I had some work in a local Art Show over the Mother's Day weekend. I was fortunate enough to win Best Work in Jewelry and sold a few pieces.  One shouldn't need it (of course we all do) but it's nice to get some validation.  Does anyone else sometimes look at their work and go 'what the...?'  I probably shouldn't say that here really ...

I've got several pieces lined up ready for the shop:

I bought some ceramic Buddha pendants from an etsy seller but didn't like the cases/lockets they came in, way too shiny.  I decided to pop him on an oxidised copper backing and secure with wire.  The only issue is whether the wire looks like I'm trying to imprison him - very un-zen if so.  I do like the way it looks with the necklace of ribbon, beads and leather.
And with this piece I just went with the flow without any real pre-planning or idea of how it would turn out. Much like my life really


  1. I didn't know possums could be such a nuisance, from France they look cute... Congrats for the prize it's always comforting to receive gratifications and it's well deserved! Lol about the buddha imprisoned! you made me laugh :D

  2. That's one brave little possum.
    Bravo pats on back congrats for the best of show. Buddha in bondage... you are funny.
    Love the glass go with the flow piece too.

  3. Congrats! How wonderful!
    Your possum story cracked me up. When living in Florida, we had squirrels that got into the attic. Every night it sounded like they were bowling up there. That got really annoying really fast! hahaha. You have my sympathy.
    Great new work.

  4. I guess every corner of the world has some critter that likes to go 'bump in the night' - even my cats do it... but I sympathize with the lack of sleep it causes.
    Your new pieces are gorgeous! And congrats on the 'Best of' - very deserved.

  5. There's a possum at my parents' house who is always trying to get into the garage. When he succeeds, he makes a terrible mess--knocking over jars, ripping into bags, etc etc. Our garage cat didn't seem to be bothered by this--until one morning, when we found possum blood smeared over the garage floor and a cowering possum crouching in a corner, guarded by the cat. Ridiculous creatures, the pair of them.