Sunday, 29 July 2012

New ways to make things old

Blimey, I've been neglectful of my blog over the last month.  I think this is in part because I have been working on a day-job project which has involved writing (pages and pages and pages of it) and I just didn't have the energy to write anything else. I've also been using Quisnam's Facebook page to post my latest work - I know lots of people hate Facebook - but I actually think it's quite a good way to communicate with people and, just as importantly, vice versa.  Not like a blog of course, but still horses for courses.

I've been working away on some new pieces as well.  I'm still very much enjoying using textile cushions but, rather than just using the Hmong ones as a base, I've started making and embellishing my own:

I'm discovering better ways to make them as I go - inserting the bale before stuffing rather than sewing it on later for example - and find the process rather meditative.  Thrift stores are a fantastic source of fabric, the top necklace actually came from a skirt.

I've also had a real  urge to do some assemblage pieces:

I wanted to show you a closeup of the Buddha focal in the above piece which I painted with vinaj patina paints and then textured with pewter embossing powder and shoe polish.  I've had these Buddha pendants sitting around for ages but hated the shiny metal cases they came in.  I tried gilders paste, rub 'n' buff and a couple of other things but this worked so much better than I was expecting.

These earrings use a similar method except I've used ink and a combination of cream and pewter embossing powder for the grunged up flaky look.  I've used this technique before but not for a while - it was actually a post of fancifuldevices that reminded me to dust of the embossing powder and heat gun, thanks Marina.

Same thing with this necklace which is a narrative work - each item symbolizing a different aspect of our lives - marriage, motherhood and home. The ties that bind us.  

I've been experimenting with a slightly different approach to my bangle stacks, making fewer bangles but in a much heavier weight wire. I've been really lucky to find some excellent vintage bangles recently which, when altered, also add depth to these stacks.  

I was also fortunate to find some beautiful trims in a thrift store in Melbourne although now my supplies are starting to pile up and I've only got a finite amount of storage space.  I'm wondering if I should open an etys shop for my destash.  I've got heaps of things that I am sure I will never use.

'til next time


  1. The new work is exceptionally wonderful - keep it up! Please don't stop showing your new work here - I would hate to miss it and I abhor Facebook...

  2. Love all that you showed in this post! I must go and see what you've posted on facebook too

  3. Not only are these new bangle stacks incredible, but the photos of them are wonderfully moody and so appealing. Love the narrative and textile neckaces. Your work is inspiring. I am also not a fan of facebook and hope you continue to show your beautiful work on your blog.

  4. Stand up if you hate facebook! Looks like a lot of Fanci’s girls reminds me of braggy junior high school...I end up kinda depressed after looking at it.
    and yes, your new work is really, moody and you got that boho vibe thing going on
    while remaining true to who you are...brava.

  5. I love these pieces. Why can't I figure out how to get this blog so I don't miss anything

    1. Hi Laura. Thanks so much. Did you figure out how to subscribe?