Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Vices - well not so much

I have relatively few vices - I don't really drink and I gave up smoking a few years ago (oh, how I miss you nicotine).  I do, however, have a serious addiction to handbags.  My closets are full of them.  Occasionally, I add up how much I have spent on handbags over the years  and then I feel so depressed that I have to buy another one to cheer myself up - it's a guilt spiral.  Every time I buy a new bag I tell myself that this will be the last one, knowing full well that this is a lie - the quest for the perfect bag can never be satisfied.    I remember looking at the bargain bins at the David Jones Sale a few years ago and the woman next to me saying to her friend 'buying a new bag is like going on holiday, it's so exciting' - I know exactly what she meant.    But, I've never really tried my hand at making bags, until a couple of weeks ago. Behold my first effort:

I found some great tapestry fabric at Spotlight and then used thrifted materials for all the embellishments and the lining and an old leather belt for the handle .  I wanted a raw edge but, given the fray factor (even though I used a zigzag stitch and fabric glue) I think I'll go with a good old fashioned hem next time round.    It's a good size too (about 18" across).  I'm pretty happy with it.  It's certainly not good enough to sell in my shop and I'm not sure if I should add bags in any case, I'll have to ponder.

All this sewing hasn't completely got in the way of jewelry.  Here's a sneak peak at a necklace that I will list after Christmas:

It's a little stuffed piece of embroidery, framed with lace and suspended from a suede necklace with some sweet little found object dangles.  It's assemblage meets shabby chic I think and I'm really rather pleased with it.

I've also got a couple of necklaces that I'm going to rework and list in January so keep an eye out.   Happy holidays ...

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